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Yes, we fuck! (And oh yes, we love!)

December 01, 2016

I don't quite know how to caption these photos, aka feelings. Yes, I braved the outside world for a night, I went on stage and talked about sex, disability politics and queer identity, and we watched a Spanish documentary about kink/crip sex called "Yes, we fuck!". Yet, I can't help noticing how my heart expands at seeing these photos, feeling grounded and that my life, my love and my work matters in some minuscule way. I can only imagine that Robin exerted copious amounts of energy to make it, especially when their ribs were doing weird things. The fact that they made it and held my hand through all the heavy grunting was awkwardly wonderful, and I felt so supported in that simple act of connection, of defiance. And despite all our clumsiness and fumbling for that thing in the bottom of our bags (and very often that isn't even a cool metaphor for some existential crisis, but it perhaps is in this instance), Phoebe and I somehow manage to make it work between us. I often reflect on her ordinary generosity, humanness and courage, because we continue to go so many places, and do things, that neither of us could do alone <3. With the help of these two beautiful and hilarious beings beside me, I felt so comfortable and accepted, and we had a brilliant and collaborative discussion too. (Afterwards, I crawled into bed with an utterly exhausted and apologetic Josephine and continued the conversation with her, before watching multiple episodes of House)


Georgia Cranko