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surreal night of poetry

April 11, 2017

"Darlin' come under cover, 
Another night to discover, 
Let's slip where senses gather, 
Let's drift between the sea and sky, 
As the night goes by..."
I had the most absurd/surreal night last night, I went to see Patti Smith as an utterly spontaneous thing, a lovely friend managed to get last minute tickets. I was in pyjamas when she called, as in I was still wearing my bed socks when I dragged myself to get dressed as a semi "normal person". 

We were sitting fairly far back, so my friends and I got up to dance, and as we were in the crowd, this random woman recognised me from a performance I did some time ago, and called out “I know you, you write beautiful poetry”. And just as we settled on a dancing spot, this woman – probably my only fan, no literally - came and pushed me through the crowd until I was right in front of the stage, all the while exclaiming to people “It’s okay, she needs to get in front, she’s a poet,” it was the most bizarre thing I have ever experienced. I found myself standing within an arm's length of Patti, I kept thinking, "What did I end up here?!" She is so incredible, her music, like she does, just exudes humanity and ordinary courage and persistence.

Life just offers some amazingly beautiful and strange moments, even though it is sometimes painful to merely exist. So take heart dear humans/take my heart.


Georgia Cranko